Our Work

A safe space for women

Each individual in crisis receives the empathy, support and advice they require delivered within our safe, trusted space as we work towards a positive future of independence.

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Who We Help

The Marylebone Project is accessible to women aged 18 or over experiencing homelessness. Whilst predominantly the majority of our service users come from across the Borough of Westminster, increasingly we are welcoming vulnerable individuals from across the UK.

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How We Help

The work at Marylebone Project is challenging and demanding, with our staff team committed in offering their skills and specialist support to address the variety of challenges and demands so that the women’s lives can be transformed.

There are two key strands to our work:

  1. Hostel Accommodation and Resettlement Support
  2. The Sanctuary (24/7, 365 Drop-In Centre)
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The Sanctuary

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Volunteers play a crucial role in supporting our work. Have you got the time and skills to help make a difference to individual lives?

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Every donation – big or small, goes directly to supporting our work and making that crucial difference in tackling women’s homelessness.

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