Inspirational Journeys

At the Marylebone Project, every woman’s journey is individual and inspirational as they respond to a unique set of challenges. As a project we celebrate every success – however big or small, on their journey back towards happiness and independent living.

The names below have been changed, yet the stories haven’t. Read, be inspired and get a feel for how individual lives can be changed.

Selam’s Journey

Selam is 38 years old, she and her family migrated to the UK when she was 7 years old. she has a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, due to previously being in an abusive relationship.

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Haben’s Journey

Haben is 49 years old and migrated to the UK in 2018, since this time, she has lived with a family who employed her as a live-in Housekeeper/Nanny. When the Covid-19 Pandemic happened, the family were unable to keep Haben on as an employee and terminated her employment. As this was a live – in role, Haben instantly lost her job and her home. With no family in the UK and no friends that she could stay with, Haben started rough sleeping.

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Angela’s Journey

Angela started using our rough sleeper’s drop-in in February 2019. At the time she was staying in a local night shelter. Through support from the shelter Angela moved into her own accommodation in March 2019, but unfortunately had to leave the property in January 2020 and became homeless again.

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Fiona’s Journey

Fiona has been a resettlement client since January 2019 and has been accessing the day centre since 2018.

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Yvonne’s Journey

Yvonne began coming to the Marylebone Project two years ago. Yvonne was living in a hostel nearby and was experiencing high levels of anxiety and panic attacks.

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Helen’s Journey

Helen has been at the project for about 8 months now. She was referred to the Education, Training and Employment Programme (EET) by her keyworker as she was very eager to get a job but disempowered by her physical health issues, she also had very low confidence, and self-esteem due to being unemployed for over 3 years.

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