Angela’s Journey

Sharing Home Remedies with our community

Angela started using our rough sleeper’s drop-in in February 2019. At the time she was staying in a local night shelter. Through support from the shelter Angela moved into her own accommodation in March 2019, but unfortunately had to leave the property in January 2020 and became homeless again.

Since living in the UK Angela has worked as a cleaner. However, due to her age (over 60) she was unable to keep up such physically demanding work. Angela started to access our drop-in service again as she was unable to find permanent work, living in a backpacker’s hostel in the local area using her savings.

Despite these setbacks, Angela was a very determined individual who really engaged in the services at the Marylebone Project. She was very passionate about using natural ingredients to make homemade remedies, as she recognised how important staying healthy is, especially if you are living in insecure housing.

With the support of staff at the Marylebone Project, Angela ran her own workshop for other service users teaching them her personal recipes and tips to stay well and healthy during the winter months. Angela was nervous about her English-speaking skills but said that the workshop gave her great confidence in her own abilities. Angela made many friends in the drop-in centre and has since moved into a shared flat with another service user. Despite still looking for work, Angela now has more confidence in herself and what she has to share, as well as a new secure home with a friend.

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