Yvonne’s Journey

Increased confidence and reduced isolation

Yvonne began coming to the Marylebone Project two years ago. Yvonne was living in a hostel nearby and was experiencing high levels of anxiety and panic attacks.

Her Support Worker suggested she might be interested in getting involved in the and accompanied Yvonne to the Gardening Group, staying with her for the initial session to support and reassure her.

Yvonne continued to attend the Gardening Group, initially taking frequent breaks to manage her anxiety. Yvonne was then encouraged to join the Munch cook and eat sessions and started volunteering in the kitchen. As her confidence grew, Yvonne joined other activities and regularly attended Art Therapy, Writing Group, Jewellery Making, Breathing and Relaxation, Book Club and Women’s Forum. She also joined the Sewing Class and learnt to
sew, making a dress that she has proudly worn.

Yvonne is now at a point in her journey where she is waiting to move into her own accommodation once repair work has been completed. Yvonne says:

“I use the Centre, so I do not stay in my room a lot of the time. To help my mental health, it helps to keep my mind busy. I have a problem with large groups as it makes me anxious and uncomfortable. I choose to come here because I know the faces and its small groups which help me with the panic attacks.” Yvonne, Service User

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