£47 provides a night in an emergency bed for a vulnerable, homeless women.

As a reader of the Radio Times, homeless women in crisis need urgent help and your support.

Sarah’s Story

The Marylebone Project has over 90 years’ experience of supporting vulnerable homeless women in crisis, tirelessly striving to turn individual lives around by offering a seamless journey from often rock-bottom on the streets to living happy, fulfilling, independent lives.

Unemployed and suffering from depression, Sarah was at crisis point. With nowhere to go she ended up sleeping on the streets. “I was scared all the time – what woman wouldn’t be? Men would sometimes shout out to me and make comments that made me feel intimidated. I would put on my fiercest face, but inside, I would be trembling with fear.”

“I would put on my fiercest face, but inside, I would be trembling with fear.”

Trapped in a living nightmare, Sarah’s sense of loneliness and despair intensified each night.

Eventually, Sarah heard about The Marylebone Project – a residential and drop-in facility for homeless women in London. She recalls, “As soon as I stepped through the doors, I felt that things were different. They welcomed me with open arms.”

You wouldn’t recognise Sarah today from the broken, terrified woman who felt she had no voice or value in life. With the help of the Project, Sarah is gaining independence while developing work skills allowing her to pursue her dream of owning a business. She’s also gained practical work experience while volunteering with Munch kitchen, the Marylebone Project’s social enterprise. She beams, “I feel like a brand new person now, strong and self-confident. There’s no stopping me now!”

A gift of just £47 can provide one night in an emergency bed
and essential toiletries for a vulnerable woman facing crisis.

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