‘Apps for Good’ Workshop Facilitator

Location: Skills and Training

Gender: Female

We’re seeking a confident and creative Workshop Facilitator to deliver the ‘Apps for Good’ online course for ladies at the Project, guiding participants through the process of designing (although not building) their own app. This opportunity is ideal for a volunteer with a creative skillset who can interpret the guidance of a pre-selected course, increasing participants’ confidence and creativity as well as critical thinking and planning skills. Interested?

The Marylebone Project will provide the ‘Apps for Good’ course materials and all supplies necessary to for facilitating this workshop. We also reimburse all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses for our volunteers.

Availability required:

  • The course consists of 7-9 workshops to be delivered weekly. Some flexibility during the daytime Monday – Friday according to volunteer availability.

Role objectives

  • To facilitate a course of 7-9 workshops for Marylebone Projects’ service users, guiding them through the creative process of designing (although not building) their own app
  • To deliver course content as outlined in a pre-selected workbook; interpreting contents and adjusting activities to suit participants’ needs
  • To encourage participants to think creatively about their app’s purpose and features, increasing their confidence, critical thinking and planning skills
  • To regularly monitor and record students’ progress
  • To ensure that the women behave respectfully to one another during the session and intervene during low level disputes between service users i.e. minor disagreements/misunderstandings
  • To report any issue and concern to the Centre team
  • In the event of a serious incident occurring, immediate contact will need to be made with staff on shift (i.e. via telephone or panic alarm)
  • To maintain the level of confidentiality of service users in line with the Marylebone Project policies and procedures

To apply for this volunteering role, please download the volunteer application form
and complete including anything specifically requested in the role details. When you are ready to submit your application, please upload your completed application form and select ‘Apply now’.

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