Green Space Planting – Group Volunteering Opportunity

Location: The Sanctuary

Gender: Male, Female

The Marylebone Project is delighted to have opened our newly renovated24/7, 365 Drop In for women experiencing homelessness. Whilst our ladies can now access our rough sleepers’ drop-in and programme of meaningful activities at The Sanctuary, we are hoping to transform the small patch of green space outside to create a calm and welcoming entrance to the building. To help us achieve this, we’re looking for a group of 4-6 volunteers to spend half a day replanting our green space, which separates the tranquility of the The Sanctuary from the bustle of the main road. We already have the plants and topsoil, we just need volunteers to help us plant them!

To apply for this volunteering role, please download the volunteer application form
and complete including anything specifically requested in the role details. When you are ready to submit your application, please upload your completed application form and select ‘Apply now’.

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