Resettlement Team Assistant

Location: MP Resettlement Team

Gender: Female

The role:

  • Provide twice a week Private Rent Scheme (PRS) workshop to women ready for independent living in the community.
  • Deliver the workshop in an IT room to 8-10 women.
  • Show the women how to search for properties on websites.
  • Show the women how to arrange viewing appointments.
  • Keep a weekly record of: attendance register, the tasks completed by each resident and the outcome of each session.
  • Feeding back to the Manager on the above.

Skills required:

  • Knowledge on how to use a PC and troubleshoot minor issues.
  • Experience navigating various websites.
  • Adept in managing any difficulties which may arise during the session.
  • Awareness of the challenges faced by homeless people, and in particular, homeless women.

Availability required:

Two sessions per week:

  • One 4-hour session either Saturday or Sunday.
  • One 2-hour session late afternoon/early evening Monday-Friday (this can be negotiated).

To apply for this volunteering role, please download the volunteer application form
and complete including anything specifically requested in the role details. When you are ready to submit your application, please upload your completed application form and select ‘Apply now’.

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